Check it out! Some links to bands I play in, artists I enjoy, blogs and interesting things.​

The Vampires 

Sydney-based jazz/reggae/?...un-genrefiable band. Check out the website and FB pages for tour dates and info.

James Muller

Australian guitarist who needs no introduction. Check out his website here:

Steve Barry

I met Steve when he moved to Sydney to attend the Con some years back. He has a new album out, just won the Young Artist Bell Award, and is just generally killing it!

Carl Morgan

A phenomenal guitarist and composer currently working on a home studio project. Give him some love!

Mike Rivett

Check out his new album which should be out any day now. This has been in the making for a while and is going to be something special.

Do The Math

An oldie but a goodie. Ethan Iverson's blog is always interesting and worth checking out or doing the RSS feed thing, if that's your thing...

Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog

Nerds! But hey, who's not! Seriously, lots of interesting stuff.

Earshift Records

Label by Vampires sax-god Jeremy Rose. Lots of great music from Afrobeat to Indian Classical/Contemporary Classical saxophone quartet cross-over...whew


The heart and soul of the Sydney jazz scene. A truly awesome collective of musicians with concerts, a record label, festivals and more.

Venue 505

Our home turf and amazing venue for seeing (good!) live music 6 nights a week in Sydney.


Have presented jazz in Sydney for over 25 years and still going strong.

The Vampires by Karen Steains

The Vampires by Karen Steains